Habits to Ease Anxiety + Banish Burnout

So much of health is in the habits we have every day.

In yoga and Ayurveda, I was taught about samskaras. These are thoughts, actions, impressions, or ideas that make up our conditioning. In one lecture I heard the teacher instruct us to think of samskaras as “same scars”—when we think/act/or expose ourselves the ‘same’ thing, we create mental ‘scars’.

I envisioned ruts in a muddy road. The more we drive our thoughts + actions down the same path, intentional or not, mental maps are created—neurons that fire together, wire together.

Even knowing this, in the midst of moving to the city & new motherhood, it’s as if a downpour of thoughts rained through my life, and I let go of habits of thinking, being & doing that once kept me peaceful, prayerful, connected, & well.

So the question is, how do we get out of the mud? Ideally, the first step would be recognizing we’re there before the rut gets too deep.

But let’s say you have tendencies to neglect your health for the sake of others and the ruts have grown deep, then what?
1. Then stop doing all that you can, say no, set strong boundaries, & make time to observe, journal, pray & breathe.
2. When you feel renewed energy & strength, set intentions about what habits of being, doing & thinking you want to create.
3. Practice. Again and again. With fire, with prayer, with intensity, without ceasing.
4. Balance practice with self observation + self love.
5. Once you notice a new ease of being, then make time for regular self reflection & self awareness practices.

At least, this is what’s been helping me. May our paths be intentional & our habits create an ease in being. <3